Thursday, 3 January 2008

Generation Y, New Years Resolutions and where do I fit?!

Generation Y are coming from a different place than we did at this age. (We wish we could have the life they have but keep the knowledge of what we know now!) - Sound like a familiar catch-cry in your house?

My question for tonight is: How do we as official "BABY BOOMERS" survive this Generation Y that live under the same roof as us? What is the official take on what

So I thought I would find out if there were many blogs devoted to Generation Y and sure enough there was - a blog called "Generation Y" blog - go figure a whole blog devoted to showing us Baby Boomers just how they are "poised to make a huge impact on society in the future" according to this blog!

Of course, in making my New Years Resolutions this year, one of them was to find out how to survive this Generation Y teenager living under this humble roof and come out the other end not being carried away wearing a little white jacket with padlocks, (and to ensure I spend Generation Y's inheritance), after all if the blog is to be believed:

"FINANCIAL PLANNING: Gen-Y beats parents on work-savvy, drive"

However, I could also have some good news for those of us who have been raised to believe we are of the "Baby Boomers" Generation, classified in Wikipedia as "an American-English term to describe a person born between 1946 and 1964." So me thinks am I really a "Baby Boomer"?

If I listen to a lot of the people I know, who are slightly older, they are always amazed at the amount of current technology in my life, at my age. (never quite sure what they mean by that!)

So off I go, looking for a little more information on Baby Boomers, and are there any blogs out there written that classify this mother who isn't quite sure where she fits in the "big picture"?

I found one that reflects I am actually younger than my birth certificate says! So if there are any parents out there who really want to know where you fit go to this blog by "The Brazen Careerist"!

According to the test it has, I AM CLASSIFIED AS GENERATION-Y!!! So watch out Generation Y there are some of us out here who might be old in age, according to encyclopedias, and according to our bodies, but guess what our brains and our daily lives show we fit into your Generation too (just we have years of experience on you!) (By the way - my test result was 16!) and take the test - you could be pleasantly surprised (just as I was!)
**Just a small note - this Gen Y in a Baby Boomer body hasn't quite figured out how to put links that you can see without being taken away from my page. So when you click on these links, you will be able to see the appropriate blogs. Thanks heaps folks (and I promise I will sort it out!)**