Wednesday, 9 January 2008

What am I PASSIONATE about?!

How passionate are you??
Posted: 06 Jan 2008 02:19 AM CST
Hello everyone... Got a question for you: how passionate are you about the things you do in your life? How much do you enjoy, and I really mean enjoy, the things that occupy many hours of your life, for example,... -
This was a question posted on one of the blogs I read - "Aspirations Plus Blog"**Don't forget if you click on this it will take you to this blog, so come back and see me huh?!"

So - it got me thinking about the question - I mean after all how passionate am I really, what does occupy and take up the many hours of my life? What keeps me busy every day, what do I love about life, to want to keep pushing on? After all I am only young still, I have many years ahead of me to keep me busy and happy. I mean this kind of question gets me to thinking about "The Meaning Of..... (or is that like "The Life of Brian"?) Are you religious, does it get you thinking about the world from an existential point of view, that you think of it from the view - "we come, we see, we do, we create and then we are gone and there is nothing after all that hard work"? **Don't forget people these links will take you away from my blog, still haven't figured it!**

Me, I am a firm believer in there is a something else, but having been raised in a fairly (that's an understatement!) strict religious household, I find it hard just accepting that side of the belief tree!! I can't believe that we come, we live, we die and that is it I would have to wonder about the futility of life if that was all we did!! After all, there are so many people out in the world who REALLY STRUGGLE thru' life, they do it so hard and if the futility of life amounted to nothing it would be the cruelest thing. And then there are people who go thru life in constant pain, suffering every day and if they got to the end having put up with the constant pain to leave this life, and never get a chance to do it again in a better state?! So, I believe there is a higher power, that we do each time around as a learning exercise, and each time around we do it with more knowledge, and life gets easier!!!

What is your take on it?
So, having said all that, what am I passionate about? I am passionate about my new business - being a virtual administrative assistant. I am passionate about technology and its constant advances and learning about them all!

I am passionate about chocolate!!! I luv the brown stuff! Especially Lindt chocolates, and Club Dark Chocolate mmmmmmmm.......

I am passionate about the ocean and the changing faces of it with the changes in weather - I have seen it from below at depths of 30mtrs plus, as well as from above. I have had a shark swim with me, and alternately I have had just a scallop dance around me! It is a beautiful world!

I love to read too, although I don't get the opportunity as much as I would like - too busy getting my business up and running - but I am loving the book you can see just here - "eat, pray, love" - by Elizabeth Gilbert. As I read about what she chose to do puts me more in touch with where I am at in my life!! I will do what she did!! MY DREAM

I am passionate about being a Mum to a teenager and surviving it! I am passionate about travel - I LOVE IT! I am passionate about this- my blog!

What about you? Tell me what you find passionate about your life! Would love to hear about your passions.


Ann said...

I agree... there is more. :-) I came to see if there were new pictures of your garden.